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Picture of the Humboldt Coast

MckFRC is located in McKinleyville, California, on the Redwood Coast. We serve families in the McKinleyville area


We envision a community in which citizens, business, and government combine to facilitate solutions to the changing needs of the community to the end that all members live healthy fulfilled lives in a fully integrated and welcoming environment.


Our mission is to facilitate the collaboration of community entities and to develop programs that support, enrich, and sustain healthy community life.

Welcome to Rraninou’Waduk
Pronunciation: “dah-nee-noot-wah-duck”

The Center at McKinleyville sits on the unceded land of the Wiyot Tribe.


The Center sits near the mouth of Baduwa’t (the Mad River), the ancestral, unceded home of the Wiyot Tribe. Humboldt County is home to many Indigenous peoples, including the Wiyot, the Yurok, Karuk, Hupa, Tolowa, and Wailaki tribes.

The Center at McKinleyville strives to live up to its name, Rraninou’Waduk.


Wiyot Tribal members named the Center Rraninou’Waduk, which means “we help each other.” While this is our goal, we also commit to:


  • Be in partnership with and follow the lead of Indigenous peoples.

  • Not forget that social services, such as those offered at the Center, have a history linked to genocide and other harms.

  • Approach our work with humility, as learners, and aware of our power to harm.

The Center at McKinleyville is dedicated to action.


We believe the best way to acknowledge and honor this land is to give it back to the Wiyot Tribe. We encourage you to join us in continuously finding ways to support Indigenous sovereignty. 

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